Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Art Weasels

ULAer Tom Hendricks has a term he uses called "art weasels." It applies well to the many anonymous posters we've dealt with since we began this cause. They represent the intellectual cowardice of the mainstream, and yes, they are demi-puppets. They define the term as first used by Shakespeare: imaginary ghosts which vanish with daylight.

Too many flunkies of the contemporary established literary scene have no backbones, no truthfulness, no character, no integrity. Somewhere deep in the bowels of their consciousness they realize this-- which accounts for their screams, always, always, under fake identities.

One is afraid to give his/her name because we might then criticize his/her book. We might criticize the person's book! Outrageous! We might criticize the person's book! (We're apparently not dealing with Zola here.) A writer? This person claims to be a writer?? No; more a pretend writer. Not a writer by my assessment. I've always believed writers were the most fearless and honest persons around, willing to say what's right, and suffer the consequences, if need be-- heedless of consequences-- the one individual the rest of society could always count on to speak the truth.

Real writers. Not these skulking lying corrupt individuals (postmodern writers like John Hodgeman celebrate the lie) with great institutional and financial power and resources yet still unable to come out into the light. Fast-talking con-men without spines. Jellyfish. Invertebrates.

Wasn't one of their number once caught posting against the ULA anonymously? I believe so. Their role model.


jimmy grace said...

You're a coward. You'd rather believe that a group of enemies are plotting against you than the fact that some guy might disagree with you. And you'd rather rail against ghosts than defend your supposed ideas.

Brooklyn Frank said...

Whatever things KW may be, I don't believe a coward is one of them.

King said...

I know a lot of people disagree with me.
I've put a couple books worth of words on this blog defending my ideas.
I'll be making myself available to one and all next week in New York City.

Jeff Potter said...

Where'd that come from, ol' jimmy?

A culture of ironic wannabe's is naturally ganging up on anyone who stands up for decency. No surprise there. But we'll call em on it just the same.

And *ghosts*? Uh, I replied to an anonymous attack against us at Amazon and it turned out to be exactly you know who. No ghost at all.

You're a funny ghost yourself, Mr. Anonymous.