Friday, January 19, 2007

Cummings Vindicated!

Yes, independent journalist Richard Cummings, who said that Paris Review co-founder Peter Matthiessen worked for the CIA, and that the Paris Review was founded with CIA money, turns out to have been correct. This is a huge story-- or should be.

The fullest version of the matter to date appeared in a two-part essay by Cummings, posted on the web site of the Underground Literary Alliance, way back in 5/23 and 5/30 of 2005. Readers can find it by clicking on the Monday Report Box at and scrolling down to it.

Finally, finally, an admission of this appeared somewhere (January 13th 2007 NY Times). Matthiessen has admitted the truth. Yet when Cummings's Monday Report came out I sent out flurries of e-mails. No one in the literary world-- not even renowned lit-bloggers-- were the slightest bit interested.

Is the literary world interested now? This is a huge story. Perhaps the most prestigious and influential American literary journal of the last fifty years was a pawn of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Who knew about this? How far did the tentacles of government and establishment power go? What other top literary figures, many of whom are still alive, were also tainted? Which literary conferences over the years were merely fronts? There are threads everywhere to be followed-- for instance, the involvement of recently deceased Jeanne Kirkpatrick and the Heldref Foundation in the literary world. Will anyone besides the ULA follow them?

Stay tuned to this station.


King said...

For the record, I've already received a threat of sorts over this matter.

James Scott Linville said...
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