Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cummings and Matthiessen

A crucial point to add: The breaking of the story-- Matthiessen's admission-- was ostensibly because of some letters being published. More, I believe, it was due to the relentless pursuit of this matter by Richard Cummings, who wrote about the issue not just for us, but in every available forum the last few years. It shows that if you keep up the pressure, a ray of light and conscience will eventually enter an Overdog's head, as it did for Matthiessen. (At least, we can hope!)

The battle the ULA is engaged in is ultimately a battle of ideas, of conscience, and truth. Albeit on a smaller scale, it's no different than other battles waged throughout history against corrupt mindsets; whether against segregationists in 60s America, or against a monolithic Soviet Union. The battles are always similar, and can sometimes be won by appealing to truth and conscience.

Another point that has to be made: Where was/is the so-called Left on this story? Why did it take a libertarian writer like Cummings to pursue it? Where are mainstream Leftist editors and writers now?