Thursday, January 18, 2007

ULA Campaign 2007

Charged by the Energy of Literary Rebellion.

The ULA excursion to Manhattan was a kind of scouting mission testing the defenses of the literary mandarins, probing for weak spots, while at the same time seeking possible allies: those we can work with toward common objectives. I'm doing a write-up of the hectic adventure for an upcoming ULA Monday Report.

The Underground Literary Alliance is embarking on its most ambitious campaign in six years. The first stage of the campaign will be centered around our February 25th Philadelphia reading at The Underground. This will be one of our more exciting events-- which means, one of the most exciting literary events ever. Fantastic underground names like Yarrow Regan, Wred Fright, Toussaint St. Negritude, and the dynamic Jessica Disobedience have made tentative commitments to join the ULA Philly chapter at this event. More details to follow. (Local poets and writers who wish to be included can contact me by e-mail; info on this blog.)

In the weeks after the show we'll make more incursions into the territory of the Overdogs in New York.

We have ample product to hype and distribute-- including new publications which are the leading edge of our literary revolution.

Even if we can't come up with a new Report every week-- even if we go to a twice-monthly or monthly schedule-- we must continue these essays. No feature of the ULA campaign gives us more credibility; more distinguishes us from the timid and backward literary mass. Since our inception we've been at the forefront of exposing corruption in the literary world.

For example, I'm told that fresh news about possible past CIA involvement in the American literary world is now being discussed in establishment publications. This is a story the ULA covered in 2005, by posting a provocative Monday Report by independent journalist Richard Cummings.

It sounds like a victory for the ULA, with more to follow.

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