Saturday, November 26, 2011

Amazing New Book Review Blog

I've revived, big-time, my book review, Blitz Book Review at

What's amazing about it?

You'll receive honest literary criticism, Raves and Hates, as nowhere else. I have no hostages to literary fortune. As always from me, you'll receive the unrestrained truth. PLUS, you'll receive it with a unique feature: The Blitz Rating. I'm setting myself to do a ton of reading.

Do YOU have a book you're hawking? Send it on. Smallish paperbacks preferred-- modest-sized novels or short story collections. No large-sized envelopes please!  Mail to:

K. Wenclas
PO Box 22681
Philadelphia PA 19110

Note: I'm not set-up for ebooks yet, but that's coming.

Recommendations considered.

Get in line now for the Blitz Review treatment.

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