Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fighting the Power


Populist actions on both the Left and the Right show that the populace wants more of a voice. They want a return to democracy in America.

Last decade, the Underground Literary Alliance fought corruption and cronyism in the halls of literature. We were attacked and ostracized as a result. If the full truth ever comes out, we'll find that powerful forces worked very hard to discredit the ULA in every way possible, including creating a false narrative about our campaign and message, which was used to blackball us.

(See a companion post, "Was the ULA Betrayed?" up shortly at http://www.crimecityusa.blogspot.com/.)

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King Wenclas said...

How is the ULA relevant to what's happening today?
I don't know if a revived ULA is an answer. However, a revived underground literary movement, even if it takes a more moderate form, might be one way to keep the spark of change, at least within the culture-- within literature-- moving forward.
As I've oft said: once, literature was at the forefront of dissent and change.
Who is for democracy in literature?