Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Misunderstanding the Literary Establishment

Writers misunderstand the nature of those who sit stop the literary pyramid. Those whose pedigree, connections, or lack of scruples have placed them at the top. These high-stationed individuals have a huge investment in their own snobbery. This is a crass, but accurate, way of stating the fact. Despite their oft-proclaimed liberal ideals, they believe that their Harvard degrees, say, give them always forever the right to first place. Even in a revolution, should one ever occur, they'd expect to call all the shots. Their superiority is a given. Their wisdom is assumed.

The mistake that even some ULAers have made is believing these privileged individuals can be dealt with. Writers from middle class backgrounds especially believe in the innate goodness of human beings. The fault can't be with the Wise Boys at places like n+1 or The Believer. Their displayed innocence! Their forthright ideals!

The hapless hopeful writer not a member of the Club doesn't realize that the Wise Boys will never, never, never, never willingly accept her or him as an equal. Never, never, never. Understanding this reality needs to be the starting point of any relationship with the status quo scene.

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