Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Curious Appearance

Note the New York Observer article by Emerald Pellot, here:

Did their agents send them out there? Their publicists? Do Jennifer Egan and Jonathan Lethem-- both who I've been covering here-- have books to promote? We know that Jennifer Egan has been on a reading tour, at the same time she was made the publicity photo poster child for "Occupy Writers." Cynical, cynical. From Pellot's article, it doesn't sound like Egan has much experience at activism.

As for Jonathan Lethem, his appearance is more like the arrival of a postmodern literary god, "At the appointed time," Emerald Pellot tells us, accompanied by a "small entourage of camera people."

 "This is a lucky day for me to stand before you," the aristocrat tells the peasants, er, Occupiers.

Lethem assumes "no particular privileges." Unmentioned is that he's been accepting "particular privileges" of a lavish variety for many years.

Pellot informs us that Lethem "condemned the cynical press and unruly corporate regimes." But, Jonathan, you're a creation and creature of that very same cynical press (his appearance being quite cynical), and those same corporate regimes.

I ask: Will these two much lauded and applauded privileged literary persons now change their ways and embrace democracy in literature? Will they herein show that they're not there for cynical reasons of publicity, that their appearance isn't merely for show? Will they now reach out to those writers who've been fighting against corruption, cronyism, and monopoly for many years?

We'll see, I guess, won't we?


King Wenclas said...

Sorry, I'm done with anonymous posters.

King Wenclas said...

Why should I kowtow to the likes of Lethem and Egan? I'm more intelligent than Lethem-- granted, that's not saying much-- and I'm a more talented writer than Egan, or at least, I can do more things. (She's definitely cookie cutter.)

King Wenclas said...

Our media and its so-called "journalists" are merely lapdogs to the congloms, as the NYO article well shows.