Friday, November 11, 2011

My Take on Penn State

The horrific Penn State scandal tells us two things.

1.) The mass of people refuse to believe the worst unless it's staring them in the face. Until then, there's a propensity to protect the glorified names. From all concerned, an inclination to cover up. Power preferred to the Good.

2.) It's often those publicly portrayed as most virtuous who are the most corrupt, or in a few cases, evil. This is the heavy-handed theme, in fact, of my ebook Crime City USA. Have you read it? The novella was intended to be over-the-top. Suddenly it doesn't read like much of an exaggeration.
Is there an analogy to American literature?

I can strongly testify to at least this: In the United States it's the whistleblower, not the miscreant, who's ostracized by the literary community.

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