Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bookforum Mention

GIVEN my many literary opponents eager to shut me down, I don't get a fraction of the attention I once did, ten years ago when the ULA was kicking literary butt. However, I notice that the review journal Bookforum was generous enough to give my new ebook a mention last month:

I do get mentioned ahead of luminaries Salman Rushdie and Vladimir Nabakov. Quite the honor for a lowly rebel undergrounder.

I appreciate the open mindedness of the BF editors.

(The McSweeneys Gang is now out and available at Nook or Kindle.)

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King Wenclas said...

For me, accustomed to dealing with nothing but smears and lies of the Johannes Lichtman variety, what's noteworthy about the BF mention is that it's a fair presentation. Imagine that! "Outspoken critic" etc. is an objective statement which conveys in one sentence what I'm about. No grasping for the most malicious slur available.
Given all that's happening in other cultural areas, such as sports, readers of book reviews and literary essays need to be able to notice the difference between journalism and propaganda.
Sports journalists eventually get the story right.
Why not the literary field??