Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why This Blog Is Necessary

This blog is the only spot in the entire vast Internet and analog realm of literature presenting a counter-story to literature’s Dominant Narrative. The only independent voice. Members of the totalitarian intelligentsia read it, because, instinctively, they know their world is totalitarian. McSweeney’s, fully part of the Dominant Narrative, is totalitarian. Close me off, shut me down, and they then fully close off their minds. There will not remain one spark, not one sentence, not one word of dissent and anti-conformity and Truth about their world entering their brains. Their smugness and complacency will further harden. Their minds will lose all flexibility—will turn, even more, if that’s possible!, into concrete.

They know that those who pass and pose as “critics” and commentators in the establishment literary-media world are glorified prostitutes. System hacks, domesticated pets, bought, paid, and trained.

I give here a different narrative. The truth as I see it, undiluted by bureaucratic career expediency. I’ve never compromised. Nor will I.

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