Friday, January 11, 2013

A Different Take on Warwick Sabin

Here's an interesting online piece by Marc Smirnoff, founder and former editor of the Oxford American. It's curious what you find when you do some superficial digging in the realm of the literary world:

Things get curiouser and curiouser. The piece does provide us with a glimpse of the Big Money boys who stand behind so much of the establishment literary world. It's a part of lit that Tom Bissell will never cover, and which writers like Maria Bustillos and Johannes Lichtman refuse to know about.

I like Smirnoff's point that journalists are supposed to get both sides of a story. This is what those who've applauded Bissell's faulty ULA essay have determinedly refused to do.


Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind, of course, that Smirnoff was happy to run with this crowd until they pulled his meal ticket-- something about harassing interns.

I don't think that you're doing the ULA justice by drawing any parallels to this character.

King Wenclas said...

Granted. But it's an interesting take. I'd like to see more insiders speaking about lit-world realities.
Believe me, knowing the lit world's penchant for false narratives, I wouldn't take anything about Smirnoff pro or con at face value.

marc smirnoff said...

P.S. dear King Wenclas. Do please try to look beyond's ad hominem attack against me.

1. Even if it is true as he/she writes that I "was happy to run with this crowd until they pulled [my] meal ticket," that does not prove that what I reveal about my ex-colleagues is untrue.

2. As well knows, I have vehemently denied the sexual harassment charges made against me. These charges were concocted the day by three disgruntled employees the day after I fired them. (These people had plenty of time to bring charges against me before they were fired but never did. Shouldn't the shrill views of fired employees at least be viewed with some suspicion?) Anyway. Just because this fuckface says I am guilty of these false charges does not prove or mean that I am. He/she is not judge and jury. Please be decent King Wenclas.


Marc Smirnoff