Monday, January 07, 2013

What's to Be Done?



I know I’m wasting my time with these posts—though venting keeps me from, say, punching somebody out. I’ll move on to other topics soon enough. I know the literary world is immovable. All my research and experience shows that it’s thoroughly corrupt. Upside down and sideways. Through and through.

One thing for sure. Every criticism the ULA made of today’s established literary world has been shown to be true, many times over.

Does anyone care if Eggers, Bissell and Company sell “The Big Lie” over and over? Of course not! It’s not their place to care. Not Hallberg-Bustillos-Lichtman’s place to care. Less to think about the way things are done. They’re merely “writers.” Which means, not the stand-up fearless figures of the past like Zola or Solzhenitsyn. Today, “writer” is a euphemism for “bureaucrat,” “apparatchik,” or “tool.” Truth? What’s that? If there were such thing as truth (they don’t believe there is), they wouldn’t want to know.

Character? Integrity? Backbone? Unknown concepts.

Literature—real literature—in the final analysis isn’t a product of smoothly crafted sentences or certificates from everyone-think-alike workshops. It is, instead, a function of heart, conscience, and soul. Of seeing the world as it is, and with unflinching honesty, speaking about it. “Get along to go along”? There’s no place for that for the real writer—but the real writer today is a rare creature, hard to find among the hordes of see-no-evil go with the flow conscienceless sociopaths who populate the established literary world.

Fortunately the world of publishing is changing. The insular corrupt tower of arrogant mandarins is crumbling. Their day will soon enough be over.


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