Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bluestockings or Bluebloods?

I note that feminist science fiction writer Sue Lange is reading at Bluestockings Bookstore in Manhattan, Thursday at 7 o'clock. In one of the promos sent out about the event Sue is quoted about how "liberal" Bluestockings is. Really? This is news to me. They won't have anything to do with LITERARY FAN MAGAZINE. How open-minded and tolerant can they be?

I suspect that many "liberal" people judge others based not on their ideas, but on their tone and manners. As is well-known, the ULA can be boisterous and in-your-face. Heavens! The prim and proper overseers of books and literature find this shocking.

I know under what thin profit margins indy bookstores operate. When they exclude a group of exciting new writers they hurt only themselves. After all, I can sell all the LIT FANs I want through the mail, the ULA fan site, at readings, zeen shows, and the like. Still seeking I guess though a little bourgeois blueblood cred. Oh well!

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