Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Book Conglomerates

The first obvious problem with literature is the book industry itself. The conglomerates are gigantic blind monsters which have lost any touch or feel for America itself and are clueless as to what should be published as literature. So they'll toss Erica Jong's or Anne Rice's son or daughter million dollar advances, out of sheer hope-- money down a sinkhole. Blind men throwing darts at large targets. When they realize how much money they're losing they'll close a division and begin betting on sure things-- ghost-written "bios" by baseball players and ghost-written "novels" by brainless Pam Anderson starlets. Instead of properly developing their own exciting stars they search desperately for manufactured stars from other endeavors. They're floundering around blind men. The book industry prostitutes books and literature on a daily basis. Those who have anything to do with these blinded cyclops monsters make themselves prostitutes.

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