Thursday, October 28, 2004

Troubling Signs in the Universe

I don't know what it means that all the cults are coming out fanatically and hysterically for John Kerry: the Lyndon LaRouche crowd; the Communist Party USA; and the gang at McSweeney's.

I was just nearly attacked by LaRouchies on the street who were yelling at people while waving Kerry signs. (Has Bush paid LaRouche off to do this?) More fanatic in their support, however, are the Eggersites, who have put John Kerry on the cover of THE BELIEVER, depicted amid glowing rays as if he were Jesus Christ. (And here I thought they saved such adulation for Eggers himself.)


Anonymous said...

Is puzzling to know what to do with Vote.

Kerry is big phony, made of shit.

Bush is crazy Texas rich boy, invade oil hole for no reason. Capture Saddam, make Jessica Lynch "hero," make big mess.

Evil Journalista will vote for John McCain, who spent time in Communist prison, listening to John Kerry-Fonda, on radio.

Write-in candidate, is only answer, in 2004.
In politics, as in literature, cream is held down so offal can rise to top.

Noah Cicero said...

The real pboblems facing America has nothing to do with what is being said. Historically speaking a good example of what is going on currently is the American Civil War. The country was divided and the war was fought because the north wanted to bring the south out of feudalism into wage-labor capitalism. Currently the people on the left want to bring the republicans out of the industrial era, and even some republicans out of the agriculture era into the Information Age. The problems of America concern economic structures, the methods and means of production. Not gay marriage and abortion.
King Wenclas is right, history is on the side of the ULA. I'm a total political junkie and I have not seen anyone mention of class or the failure of the academia to help the regular american people except for the ULA. After spending a year on the computer, walking through bookstores, and reading newspapers it is clear that the ULA is the avant garde of thought in America, and I mean avant garde in the exact translation as the farthest advanced, not because someone writes weird sentences or the story is about a drunk with a gun and not a CIA with a gun. But because everyone needs to catch up with them.