Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sucking Up to the Overdogs

It can be distressing browsing among glossy magazines because so many of these expensively produced consumer items waste their contents sucking-up to the same New York City Auster Hustvedt Moody Julavits Bender Foster Wallace literary aristocrats.

The latest offenders are BLACK CLOCK, wasting tons of money of the California Institute of Arts, and the Brit "magzine" ZEMBLA. Many thousands of dollars of someone's money spent on these silly confections of corrupt civilization. For anything meaningful or different within them they're fit only for the trash.

(The nadir of ZEMBLA, aside from its foppishly pretentious letters to the editor, is a Rick Moody fake interview with Jimi Hendrix, which reveals some arrogance from the rich kid.)

Fueled by massive amounts of money, the aristocrats in their stupidity are running amok.

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