Saturday, October 16, 2004


The Underground Literary Alliance seeks to work together with others for the benefit of writers and related artists. We're on the side of writers.

1.) We're fighting to open up the present system by working against the monopoly of an Insider clique regarding grant money, access to major publications, and access to publicity.

2.) We're working to create an alternative to the present system, by creating and promoting our own publications.

3.) We're working to expand the audience for literature.

The ULA works for writers. What could be more clear?


Oddball said...

Awsome. I'm writing a book, but I only have 22 pages. But a company that works for writers is a good thing. Rock on.

Jeff Potter said...

And who benefits? ---Readers!

Writers benefit, too, of course.

But we offer writing worth reading, for a change. We add to the range of what's available. We increase the voices in the game. We open up literature to more readers.

We create a dialog that people can relate to, and we push them. We get them worked up, pushing back, participating, thinking for a change.

Our literature and criticism alike is action-packed.

It's working!