Friday, April 08, 2005

About Racism

One way that a small sliver of the population is able to control 90% of the power and wealth is by keeping the masses divided; such tricks as keeping poor whites and blacks, who should be on the same side, at each others throats. The tragedy is that again and again people fall for it. The ULA's enemies are now trying this tactic, through racist anonymous posts on this blog.

No one needs to teach me about racism. I know 5,000 times more about the subject than any secluded Overdog on the Right or the Left. I lived much of my life within the cauldron of violent racial polarization and hate of Detroit. I've seen racial conflict up close. Years of it. Race has been the main theme and ongoing topic of conversation for that city since long before I was born. (I knew Joyce Carol Oates's them was a fake the first time I read it because she scarcely touches the subject-- somehow missing the elephant in the room.) I've given some of my views and experiences on race in a long essay I wrote for a lit-mag in 1994; others in an unpublished novella I wrote fourteen years ago. Suffice to say I learned some time ago-- a long and hard learning experience-- that people are people, black, white, green, or other. We're all capable of great things and capable as well of being the worst kind of assholes. Anyone who doesn't know that doesn't know anything.

To our anonymous poster, if he's who he pretends to be, I'll just say,
1.) Give up your hateful ideology. You're misguided and being used.
2.) We (or at least I) don't deal with those who hide their identity like cockroaches. I have no use for ghosts.
3.) We like to dialogue with all segments of the disenfranchised populace, but we're a lit group and people had better leave ideology and other baggage at the door.

But of course the anonymous poster is someone else-- society's TRUE racist, hidden and subtle, with real power behind him or her. The person isn't interested in reaching out to us-- only in discrediting us. Note the sick cynicism, the attitude toward the working class, given on the posts. Picture an affluent snobbish and privileged Ivy League writer, one of society's Precious Ones, sitting at a computer typing in that racist garbage. More than the person likely knows, it's an expression of an unseen but cherished part of that individual's brain, its real views.


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