Monday, April 11, 2005

Establishment War Against the ULA?

Someone is going to a lot of trouble to destroy the ULA, not only filling this blog with racist comments, but creating a fake-ULA site also filled with racism.

I don't believe it's some ordinary crank-- but someone with a reason to do this. It's curious that it happened when I attacked the Rick Moody essay in The Believer. Has the ULA's ridicule and criticism penetrated to a vulnerable spot?

The ULA is a collection of mainly broke writers, who do our writing and activities in our spare time. Obviously, if folks with millions of dollars wish to put the ULA out of business, they can do so. They have the time and resources to draw on-- can set up any number of phony ULA sites if they wish to discredit us.

The Underground Literary Alliance was set up to give a voice to writers and other zeensters shut out by the mainstream-- a way to get our voices heard, and to expose the cronyism and corruption WHICH DOES EXIST in the literary realm. If our opponents succeed in closing us down, it will be a blot against the lit world, against literature itself.

(I've shut down comments temporarily on this blog, until I find a way to allow them without the blog being bombarded by sick racist garbage.)

(Of course, the person/persons using this ploy could be anyone-- someone with an imagined grievance against the ULA. Whoever it is, we expect to trace and expose the miscreant.)


frank walsh said...

Frank Walsh here:
"Establishment War Against The ULA?" makes sense in the posetive skinny 'cos in looking over the new and improved ULA site including the links, the apparent fire-power of the fellow radical "conspirators" here, the quality of the MONDAY REPORTS, the fact that Jeff Potter, et al are delivering big time in the publishing underground, and a whole bunch of posetive signs, I see clearly why the opposition would strong arm the ULA at this time. Take heart y'all the degree of opposing forces is a sure sign that the ULA is on the right track and has the "jugular in sight!
As for the bevy of attacks (and the equally level of supportive comments) as regards Carl's BLOG entry of MARCH 23rd (I think that's it)where he exposes the U of P shennanigans behind their slam contest at the Kelley Writers' House in January of 2004:
1. Despite the comment of of response #69, i.e. the last one posted, the judging was not rigged in any way and in fact reflects the narrow ill-will and resentment of a sociopath (poor creature!)whose identity is at this point known to the ULA.
2. For what ever reason they may have had Penn, the Writer's House, Philomel Literary Journal, the major beaurocrats that control the above and-- I believe-- others even further up the hierarchial pyramid then the those ones has CENSORED and CONTINUES to censor (in the most insidious manner which would be a whole other discussion but one that needs to be addressed at some point)"Reagans Brain" because on every level of its existence (and it is only one example, keep in mind)such work challenges, exposes, and defeats on their own home court, the precocious assumptions and matter of fact defilement involved in maintaining the MFA, and more importantly, INTERBRED academic publishing factory ( the students are in a sweatshop where the "bosses" have airbrushed pleasant scenes of success and epowerment over the brick walls, sealed windows and padlocked doors).
3. All this is, as Karl and others at the ULA, have time and time again extrapolated, part of a class war (which has benn started and agressively if not violently pushed by the system not the other way around, as they and the corporate media wants the public to believe) and all about keeping up the status quo, and not about race, feminism, or neo- liberal "agendas" nor their oppostes, or even good effective, socially grounded writing of prose, poetry, or critical assays.
The ULA and other hot beds of Resistence Fighters should step up and is showing definite and real signs of doing just that.Stay tuned for more to come.

We Will Not Be Denied

King said...

Well said! The opposition will squeal the more noise we make, but we have to keep advocating for underground poets and writers-- the salvation of literature!

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