Saturday, April 09, 2005

Underground Writing

While most ULA writing goes far beyond the narrow lines of demi-puppet acceptability, like Noah Cicero's strong anti-war novel (which also contains a couple dynamite short stories), or Urban Hermitt's zeen classic issue #18, or Joe Pachinko's scarifying beyond-the-beyond novel Swamps, not to mention James Nowlan's novella masterpiece about which I still have more to say (Nowlan the most purely talented fiction writer living)-- there are works by other great underground writers, accessible even to the most conformist of demi-puppets, which our opponents should be reading and reviewing.

I've already cited Philly novelist Lawrence Richette, who has three titles available through Amazon.

As is ULAer Tim Hall's Undie Press release Half Empty, an accurate, smartly-written representation of life in todays' New York City, well capturing, through a variety of characters, today's young Manhattan-Brooklynite mindset.

I've mentioned the Fred Woodworth produced Dream World-- the best novel about the 60's ever written; too dissident for the mainstream. (Available for $10 cash to Fred at PO Box 3012, Tucson AZ 85702.)

The ULA has books by Jack Saunders, Wild Bill, Wred Fright, Crazy Carl (great recent "Adventures" by him),, upcoming.

The underground rocks! What a variety-- enough for anyone to dissect, criticize, or even like!


Marissa Ranello said...
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Noah Cicero said...

There is gonna be a review for Nowlan's book on the literary review blog installed for monday. I hope everyone has read the one for Urban Hermitt.

Marissa Ranello said...
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Emerson Dameron said...

I'm begging you, Karl - shut off anonymous posting until this fucking troll finds other tree to piss on.

Tim Hall said...

Karl, I want to hunt this creep down and nail him/her to the swastika he so yearns to be hung from.

Obviously this little masturbatory racist hates Marissa Ranello - maybe a rejected poet? Ex-stalker/lover?

Death to racist trolls.