Saturday, April 30, 2005

Breakdown of the Establishment Mind

The reaction to posts on this blog, and to the ULA campaign as a whole, shows the inability of our opponents to deal with irrefutable criticisms of their world.

They've become like Robby the Robot in the classic sci-fi movie "Forbidden Planet." The shredding of their assumptions turns their minds into chaos. Internal bells go off. Fuses burn; circuits are destroyed. "This Does Not Compute. This Does Not Compute!" They lash out in anonymous desperation. Addressing our arguments is impossible for them. Instead they try to connect us with stereotypes existing in their heads.

STEREOTYPES. Some leading ULAers have been working class white males. In trying to understand their own inability to deal with our ARGUMENTS and facts, our Overdog and Demi-Puppet opponents grasp at stereotypes. It's their last remaining point of attack. Their dislike of Marissa Ranello is because she's not a "typical" ULAer; she doesn't fit the stereotype.

Yet the ULA vision has always been variegated multi-ethnic all types sexes sizes ages kinds of undergrounders everybody united by simple love of art and literature. This will surely be our outcome. We seek an explosion of authentic writing in the same way rock n' roll at its beginning-- before it became "classic" white rock a segregated niche market-- was originally the uniting of ALL streams of genuine roots music country blues gospel into one joyous explosive sound-- ghetto dwellers and hillbillies influencing and applauding one another, playing on the same cards for the same audiences.

The general populace uniting in all its variety scares the Overdogs, because it will shatter their power games and leave them stranded. The true racists in this society, after all, are those like Rick Moody and Katrina vanden Heuvel who are the beneficiaries and perpetuators of the institutional racism and classism of the System which granted them-- pain free, as an entitlement-- their sterling reputations.

THE POWER OF MONEY. Becoming the plaything of a plutocrat was the best thing that could've happened to The Nation. The "Leftist" rag gained instant access to conglomerate media. Katrina vanden Heuvel appears on television everyplace. Like the divine right of kings, she has the divine right of access to major media denied 99.99% of the population. She has REAL free speech.

The question has to be asked: How can she credibly argue against the staggering inequities of society when she is the living embodiment of them? In this phony democracy called America the people themselves have no voice. Presented on television instead are cynical sham substitutes like Katrina.

UNABLE TO ARGUE. I e-mailed The Nation about my Navasky blog post, and welcomed reaction. I expected denials, explanations, lawsuits, outrage-- and received nothing.

I've waited for response to my other posts from the likes of James Wood and Rick Moody, receiving silence. They can scarcely, by now, be unaware of the ULA-- unless they have absolutely no curiosity about happenings in their own field.

The lit-establishment's inability to reply to myself, to Noah, to Tim, Marissa, Bernice, Leopold, and other ULAers, and to our constant great Monday Reports, can indicate many things.
1.) Lack of confidence in their own status quo beliefs.
2.) Lack of belief in open debate.
3.) Lack of understanding of free speech.
4.) Timidness.
5.) Fright.
6.) Knowledge that they have no case.
7.) Confusion in the face of new ideas.


Orlando Hotpockets said...

8.) Being bored shitless by ULA.
9.) Never having heard of ULA.
10.) Having a life.
11.) Having a degree in psychiatry, and going, "Damnit, I handle this stuff all day at the job. No way am I reading psychotic gibberish in my free time."

Anonymous said...

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