Friday, April 22, 2005

New ULAer

I'm pleased to announce that Bay-area street poet Joe Pachinko has passed the extensive ULA screening process and has been approved to enter the special ranks of ULA superheroes. Joe is a dynamic performer who's also written two small-press books: The Urinals of Hell, a collection of poetry, and an amazingly visceral and truthful novel, Swamps!, showing America behind the glittering mask in all its reality.

From the poem "The Stone Lion Dogs at the Chinatown Gate Crying" by Joe Pachinko:

"Yah, you are nuttier than ten thousand shithouse rats,
ya turd poet,"
she said, but her eyes are cat eyes shining
in the darkness of her own soul
she leaves no footprints and I AM blind,
a crap magician with my cheap dimestore jokes.
I am a ventriloquist dummy without a ventriloquist so
I drink in Chinatown bars in the rain. . . .

(I'll have a post about membership and how the ULA is developing upcoming.)


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