Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Individual and Community

Due to current brainwashing not everyone is able to understand ULA theory.

Many in this society are trained to believe there is only the individual-- the individual or nothing-- existing without context; floating alone I guess untethered in outer space.

But everything has a context. The individual exists within the context of society. The ULA recognizes this. Instead of individuals promoting themselves alone in futility; separate and divided-- the worst of all possible strategies for writers-- we advocate that individuals promote themselves as part of a community of writers. "Individual" and "community" is not an either-or choice.

"You're all commies!" the unknowing demi-puppet might say at the notion of writers organizing, so far have the destructive seeds of narcissistic ego been planted in this country.

True solidarity means the individual having the freedom to act within and for the community-- to play an active role in determining its direction. To HAVE a voice. We don't wish to subsume the individual within the ULA so much as raise the individual up, by raising the ULA platform and having all of us standing upon it. We WANT strong personalities promoting themselves and one another within the ULA context; promoting themselves by promoting the Underground Literary Alliance. What benefits each ULAer benefits the ULA. What benefits the ULA and raises its profile benefits each individual member.

The last thing we seek is conformity-- a type of inward-drawing apathy which leaves decision-making to others. The ULA needs not demi-puppet conformity, but ACTIVE voluntary participation by free-thinking persons.


Tim Hall said...


This post touches on a really important point that is lost on most people who attack the ULA: that we're not against greatness and success, but FOR it.

Case in point: I was talking to a friend recently who doesn't get the ULA, and the talk turned to a Very Famous Writer who seems to have it all: he wrote a best-selling memoir, started a publishing company, and has been the toast of the town for the past 5 years or so.

Talking to my friend, I said that the problem I had with this individual wasn't his success, fame, or wealth--that in fact those were the things I most admired about him. But his obsessive concern with auto-hagiography, while still being, behind the scenes, a controlling, bullying, vile, hateful fuckhead were what made me angry--not because he was worth looking up to, but because I COULD NOT look up to such a person. I was angry because he betrayed everything wonderful and great about his meteoric ascent into the literary heights, bullying lowly bookstore clerks, snarling at appreciative editors, and just generally being a bullying fuckwad about it all.

Watch "End of the Century" doc about the Ramones, if you haven't already. Watch and listen to Johnny Ramone carefully, and you'll realize what a brilliant, admirable man he was--yes, he was a prick, but his goal first and always was for the work and the fans...something this Very Famous Writer never had.

Let us celebrate the individual in the context of a community. I'm ready to bow down to any great writer who presents him/herself without also being a bullying, vicious prick asshole to those beneath him/her. Why the hell do you think I love Noah Cicero so much? Finally, a writer to admire. If you don't, you should too.

Orlando Hotpockets said...

Hey, wait, you're talking about me, aren't you.

Goddamn it, everyone keeps talking about my memoir, my publishing company, the piles of limbs I have been forced to tear off of lesser mortals....Everybody wants to go, "I am friends with Orlando Hotpockets." And then they badmouth me when I'm not around. This has got to stop.

Oscar de la Beer, literary agent said...

Everyone should buy a copy of Orlando's book, by the way, or two copies, so you can share its moving movingness with a friend.

It is too dangerous, too "hard core" and just too literary for the pseudo-demi-puppets of ULA, who have tried to keep the public in ignorance. But I am here to say that it is a work of genius. "The Heat of My Pockets" by Orlando Hotpockets is a work of genius