Thursday, February 22, 2007

Letter from Gutmann

I just received a response from University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, in reply to the ULA's invitation to her to judge the upcoming Poetry Read-Off Sunday between "World's Greatest Poet" Frank Walsh and the U-Penn genetically engineered "Super-Poet." Gutmann's letter:

"Dear Wenclas,

Thank you for the invitation to judge the 'read-off' taking place on Sunday, February 25, 2007. Unfortunately my schedule does not permit me to attend.

Again, thank you for the invitation and best wishes.


Amy Gutmann."

(Word is that the SuperPoet is highly upset that she won't be judging. Imagine! A contest involving the Ivy League that's not rigged.)


jimmy grace said...

Yep, the status quo seems to be shaking in its boots.

jimmy grace said...

Funny how this is a piece of correspondence you don't mind posting...

James Joyce Is the Greatest Writer... Ever said...

It was nice of her to respond.