Friday, February 23, 2007

The Poet

The Poet
Originally uploaded by King Wenclas.
Frank Walsh practicing in New York City to meet his daunting foe "The SuperPoet." Fireworks 3 pm Sunday when they meet at The Underground in Philadelphia, Spruce and 40th Streets.


King said...

Will this man be destroyed?

Pat_King said...

Might do the world some good. It would get rid of a lot of negative energy.

fdw said...

(dedicated to Pat King, among other things)

The vision of the world comes lays down with me

down wind over my body in the act

of turning away from her who opens

herself before my mind has had chance to forget

why I am here, or even to ask where

she has gone, she who opens the vision

of this world, without a thought of punishment or

reward, what possible purpose would that serve.

You can light a cigarette off my torch

if you’d want, a pilot in your stove,

or spark your torch off my torch if you’ve got one.

Hell, do you even know how it works? Though

Your gang has ordered a story that would serve
I can tell the generation I will is no longer yours.


Pat_King said...

I've always liked your poetry. I found this to be quite beautiful, actually.

I can disconnect the poetry from the man, however. The poetry stands on its own.

fdw said...

Subjectively speaking of course as matter o' fact Doan think ANYBODY can write/compose stuff like this-- good examples of what I'm saying are now up on the Blog (read piece with JB's pic with emus below)--- IF they're full of hatred and negativity. The proof is in the putting. An art where language is the medium is much harder to hide the REAL SELF behind
even if 'tis misdirectioned.
Therefore the mirror is not only held up to Nature as Shakehis beard has it but to society and the individual reader 'cause that's who matters even more so perhaps than the writer.With all our faults, failures and weaknesses-- anything less would be a lie. Honesty is for certain fearless especially in a time of lies and cruelty, but that doesn't mean I doan fear the Gods: knowing what side my bread is buttered on, everything, everybody else is a shot in the dark by a long shot! You can call it the sign of "humilitas". Compassion, sympatico, etc. The Tyger is the animal symbol of meekness? In Shambala teaching and technique for example.
The discusive mind, the "monkey" mind cannot see it!
Y'all shld read "The Lion's Roar" Sutta where Gotama puts it on the line, as I have again and again to get the drift here.

M.D.G. said...

The ugly truth behind the surface of good intentions surfaces. Some of us have learned better.

fdw said...

You had the pot-pie TV dinner drummed into your head

anxieties of mass starvation chipped beef stuck like a pig

shell shocked by the authorities in spades at every turn

still you came out swinging full of faith and god awful

but the envelope they delivered was stuffed with meat

the school that gave you the best deal science for war

on the lam the belly of the beast proved quite breath mint

commercial breaks of red bliss came on the side love even

the casualties mounted the artists buried in their holes

when facing the deep fried they choose to smoke bowls

the giant spider busy, making settlement with the Diocese,

called into question the existence of dogs, leased extra police

to roll out the red carpet over the remaining Indian Land

now people in the bubble could afford only a single brain scan.


jimmy grace said...

Nice part about school giving you the best deal - a bitter truth.

fdw said...

You hit the nail on the head!
A lot of people doan get that the truth is bitter not a "good" thing a salving comfortable thing.
Like "love's bitter mystery"

Victor Schwartzman said...

Yes, truth often makes people uncomfortable, and that's pretty sad--but true. It is tough indeed, speaking out the truth when people do it. Seems the same all over the world, most people just don't want to hear it. They'd rather shoot the messenger.

King said...

The ULA is the only lit group speaking the truth about corruption in literature, about CIA investment in the literary world, about big money takeover of small press groups, and so on. If we don't speak out, who will?
(p.s. Just got back from show and Afterglow. It was awesome-- some great performances. Frank won the Read-Off, but SuperPoet was no pushover-- did better than anyone expected. More in a separate post, maybe tomorrow.)

M.D.G. said...

Dude give it a rest Karl that's america you just discribed. Not just literature. We all do what we can.

King said...

No, sorry, but, say, regarding the CIA in Literature, the ULA is the ONLY group of writers looking into it.
The point, by the way, is that we don't KNOW the extent of their involvement-- and won't unless the story is pursued.
If this were, say, 1968, dozens of writers groups and publications would be pursuing the story.
Now, in 2007, there's just us.

M.D.G. said...

Karl it looks like your mission is getting lonely.

fdw said...

The event this afternoon/ this evening was amazing.
Divresity of voices standing in the individual voice, Joy and fun.
Confirmation of the vision, edge, and power of literary underground in America.
Fred, Jessica, Eric, Mark Sonnefield,me finding my grove, Karl,and Yarrow
New action poets/ readers coming up ready to step into the dead space left by the reactionaries standing against the hiss of the snakes and small minded scabs. Exciting talented positive, life and art united and individuated:
Chris, Stephane, Mark, and Erin of the IDIOM/ WALKING ENGLISH poets,Toussant St. Negritude, Adrian St. Scruffy.
And Geoff Hall independent creative photographer who should get a pulitzer for all his hard work and quality accomplishment recording the underground arts in all its forms.

M.D.G. said...

As usual Frank your writting is vague and hard to understand. I think you just tried to insult me, but I'm not sure. I am sticking with my original statement. The whole literature thing is just a part of the larger machine of corporate america. To attack literature is not attacking the source. But hey it looks good if you're crying for attention.

fdw said...

Not trying to insult you MDG.
No body's attacking literature here. Unless it's "Nobodaddy" 'tis.
"To strike Lieterature into the hearts of the ill- literate". 'Sall.
And oh by the way the "Super Poet" was an amazing piece of psyco- therapy ansd genetic engineering-- though still remaining a cipher-- a formidible advesary! But I tip my beret to 'im!

fdw said...

Of course literature is just one small part of corporate America. It's the part in which we operate. We have to clean up our own backyard, first, before moving on elsewhere.
Besides, we don't have the power to influence politics, but we can send shock waves through the stuffy halls of the literary world.