Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where's the Outrage?

That's the question I asked at the beginning of this discussion about the Paris Review CIA affair. We've since seen plenty of outrage expressed here-- against US, for daring to bring the matter up.

(p.s. Comments will be back shortly, when I figure out how to moderate them.)


King said...

I may bring Comments back uninhibited, because I have some questions myself to ask of the demi-puppets.
There's a lot which doesn't add up. If there's nothing to the story, why all the noise from folks?
Why did the Eggers Gang get involved? That posting about the past made no sense-- and obviously backfired. What's their stake, if any, in all this?
If "nobody gives a shit" about the Paris Review, as alleged, then why all the feedback?
(But many people DO care about it. Witness the controversy in the media world over the change of editors a while back.)
Questions, questions, everywhere questions and no answers.
I need a break from the ghosts, a couple days to think this out. Then I'll be looking for answers.
(Meanwhile, upcoming on this blog-- exclusive photos from our NYC visit.)

King said...

(In the meantime, check out some of the new posts on our Literary Adventures blog, which is linked to this one. As always, very uneven, but "Blair's Children" by Bruce Hodder is definitive.)