Friday, February 23, 2007

The SuperPoet Is Insane!

Preparations are being made to release the genetically engineered SuperPoet from his secure room in the secret recesses of U of Penn's Wistar Institute. The 6'6 SuperPoet (looking curiously like New York writer Thomas Beller) was created specifically, in conjunction with Penn's writing program, to be state of the art in the manufactured poet-- superceeding their well-trained MFA grads. More artificial even than L*A*N*G*U*A*G*E poets!

The question: What went wrong? Why the rumors that all did not turn out as planned? That lab workers have been killed or frightened to death when encountering him? (Not to worry-- the ULA assures all audience members that ample security will be on hand for this event. We're waiting for a call back from a local "Rent-a-Cop" company.)

The show will be this Sunday, 3 pm, 40th at Spruce Streets at The Underground cool club in Philadelphia. Don't miss it. Anything can happen.

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King said...

The SuperPoet almost went berserk, but ended up doing a good job.