Friday, February 16, 2007

They're Coming. . .

. . From the Corners of the Nation.

Wred Fright from Cleveland.
Toussaint St. Negritude from the West Coast.
Jessica Dis aka Edna Million from Chicago.
Patrick King from Baltimore.
Yarrow Regan from Queens NY.
The Idiom Poets from New Jersey.
Frank Walsh and Eric Broomfield from Philly itself.
The Super Poet from an Ivy League genetic engineering lab.
Why are they gathering?
For an afternoon of underground poetry, meaning, theater, and noise.
Don't miss it!
It will be a great show.
Sunday Feb 25th 3 pm at The Underground.
The underground literary movement is for real.
See for more details.


jimmy grace said...

Here's hoping you attract some humans, this time..

King said...

Oh, we usually do-- even for our street readings.
Recall the Howl Protest. Jack Saunders and I had 100 info flyers each to hand out-- went through them all before we were done. (Even had a couple reporters with microphones at that one.)
Once the weather cooperates, Frank, Patrick K, and Jellyboy the Clown will be doing a lot of street events here and in New York. They're great fun. (More photos coming about our recent NYC visit.)

jimmy grace said...

I'll look forward to photos of your Philly audience following the 25th.

fdw said...

Dats camp der Henry! Or is it?
Speaking of which whatever happened to that handy more genuine label? For what you"re calling important art.
Yes when art is a commodity and non conformity is conformity, kinda like the theaters of cruelty and ehibitionist cabaret of Berlin in the 20's and early thirties.
Use sees, I doan gip a fig- meant about the PC obscurantism. I'd beez upaska almost metaphysical in the mix up.