Friday, February 04, 2005

Hodge the Comic

I forgot to mention the most comical part of the Roger D. Hodge letter to David DeKok's lawyer. That comes when Hodge says, toward the end of it,
"Of course, your client may always write a letter to the editor, if he wishes. Please be advised, however, that our letters section is carefully edited for length and accuracy."

Why am I laughing?

Please check out my two posts on this blog last October 19th where I show what Harper's does to letters to the editor. (Further example that "truth" is an alien concept to folks at that magazine.) "Accuracy" indeed!

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- Leopold said...

Yegads! As a graduate of Communications I've spent a good chunk of my life studying all sorts of ethical subversion by media and culture outfits and even I was shocked by what Harper's did to your letter.

Thinking about it, I'm not even sure what they did was legal. You sent them a work which they, in essence, chopped and re-arranged (and spent some time with it too, it seems) to create a letter with the exact opposite sentiment. It seems a direct violation of moral rights.

I think any reporting/ethical believability Harpers had went out with that letter - let alone plaigerism scandals.

My question is, if they didn't like the letter's sentiment, why work so hard to rework it? Surely Harper's isn't short on letters to the editor...or are they just merely short on 'positive' comments? My guess is that they wanted to take you down as notch as a member of the ULA - assuming they figured that out.