Thursday, February 10, 2005

Scandal at Paris Review

As has been pointed out by ULAer Adam Hardin in a post on the previous thread, Paris Review Poetry Editor Richard Howard has awarded the Bernard Conners Prize to two of his former Columbia University students. Kind of a closed little world, isn't it?

How many demi-puppet lit-bloggers will have anything to say about this? (Or about other facts of lit-world corruption disclosed in Adam Hardin's Monday Report, currently up at


Anonymous said...

Richard Howard . . .

. . . NEVER trust a man with two first names!

Anonymous said...

Richard Howard . . .

. . . NEVER trust a man with two first names!

Anonymous said...

Now this could be considered some form of fraud, if the entrants indeed thought they had an equal shot (which is why most reputable competitions do no allow people who work for, or their immediate familes enter.

I suggest ULA put their muscle behind causes such as this; in fact actually pressing a class action suit, versus simply doing an expose, which will just be ignored. Tort will actually be a wakeup call.

--The Truth.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at the profound changes in culture, not 1 came about from mass movements, hell even ABOLITION was opposed by the majoirty, and thank God the founding fathers were no fans of democracy.

Brown v. Board of Ed.

Interracial Marriage?
Loving v.Virgina

Homosexual sex?
Lawrence v. Texas

Roe v. Wade

Ending fradulent literary contests?

ULA v. Columbia

-the Truth

Adam Hardin said...

The Paris Review is hosting a reading for these two "winners" on February 28, 2005 at the

Culture Project
45 Bleecker Street

Admission is $10.00

Open Bar. Doors open at 6 PM Reading begins at 7 PM
Call 212-879-1375 for advanced tickets.

A good course of action would be to protest this event, both inside and outside, as well as handing out Literature in regards to Professor Howard being the former teacher of both of the two winners.

Anonymous said...

And what will that do? Don't get me wrong I am an avid protestor of many things, although It's been about a month since I've been to a protest rally, which is too long. However this event will not be covered by the media, hell i think even c-span might ignore this. So basically you are protesting to people who no matter what aren't going to budge in viewpoint, in fact it is more likely to hurt strategically.

Although Passing out a printout of the facts and passing it out couldn't hurt, anything more would be a setback. This is actually a great opprutunity, and it calls for greater caution and responsibility as I said, if there is actually something illegal going on, the courts are the answer.


Adam Hardin said...

This is not illegal my friend because the Paris Review gives this Prize to those who publish in their magazine and does not solcit money from the public. This is however unethical and immoral and bullshit which is why we should protest it.

Richard Howard has engaged in illegal activities with Zoo Press, in which they ask for a 25.00 submission fee for a contest. He has given the prize to a former student. That is illegal.

I will post more information about both Richard Howard things very soon. I have some pretty damning information.

Adam Hardin said...

Here is a complete List of the Last Ten Years:Paris Review's Bernard F. Conners Prize

2003-Julie Sheehan-MFA Columbia

2002-Timothy Donnelly-MFA Columbia

2001-Gabrielle Calvocoressi-MFA Columbia

2000-Corey Marks-No Connection

2000-Christopher Patton-MFA Columbia

1999-J.D.McClatchy-Former Colleague at Columbia with Howard

1998-Neil Azevedo-MFA Columbia

1998-Sherod Santos-No Connection

1997-John Drury-No Connection

1996-Sarah Arvio-MFA Columbia

1996-John Voiklis-MFA Columbia

1995-Vijay Seshadri-MFA Columbia

Anonymous said...


I'm working that night but I'll be running to this bullshit ceremony afterwards. If nobody else shows up I'll be singlehandedly busting shit up. This is fucking evil illegal bullshit and I'm not going to let it stand.

--Remaining Anon So The Fuckers Don't Know Who I Am, Ha Ha, They Can Suck My Tit In Macy's Window...

Jeff Potter said...

Whoever doesn't know us very well...

We take direct action, we use the culture, we challenge the perps directly, we make noise, we take pictures and send press releases (rants).

We get the job done.

It works.

We don't need no steenking lawyers.

(Just ask J-Franz if he's going to take another NEA payout.)

Jeff Potter said...

PS: The legal triumphs listed only occured because the culture was ready for them. Lit leads. Law follows.

Adam Hardin said...

The question is why would these people continually fix contests and carefully pick through submission piles? The answer is that their writing is often shit, and it would not stand up to a blind unbiased judge. The last thing these people want is the hassle of fairness, and the possibility of having to endure rejection like every good writer has in the past.
Another thing is that MFA people are not just competing against us, but against each other, and very often Program against program. Iowa and Columbia and Brown are all competing against each other, and the more students a school can get published and the more who win awards, the stronger the reputation is for that school, and the higher a Professor salary is, and for the individual who wins the Dinky Paris Review Award, what is not important is the award so much as the Tenured 80,000 dollar a year job that it can lead to. These people are careerists, at bottom, not writers, and they have become frauds because of their greed.

King said...

??? Lawsuits? Who do you think we are? Ralph Nader? (A lawsuit would drag on for years until lawyers on both sides squeeze as much money as possible out of it. We'd get a final decision maybe in 2013.)
We're supposed to file lawsuits on behalf of idiotic demi-puppets who buy into the scam that is the established literary world? You don't see me entering any rigged contests. You know, "Truth," that we're a D-I-Y outfit. I'm not here to be anyone's servant. If you really think someone should file a lawsuit-- then Do It Yourself.
(Roger D. Hodge seems to have some kind of legal background. Maybe he'll be your attorney.)
p.s. If you were really speaking the truth you wouldn't hide your identity, but would happily put your name behind what you say. Until you do, you're just another anonymous game-player.

Anonymous said...

I have no desire to file a lawsuit, because I am not complaining about, nor do I envy or desire to be apart of the Academic Leaning lit world. There are far to many other segments, of more intrest. The question is why do you care?

Jeff Potter:
PS: The legal triumphs listed only occured because the culture was ready for them. Lit leads. Law follows.

We must live in two different universes. Why do you think the courts had to make the decisions? Because the culture wasn't. Even know roe v wade cannot seem to top 55% but was opposed by a vast majority 30 years ago.

40 years ago 80% opposed interracial marriage, citing "Moral reasons"

I don't even need to go into how integration went over in the south.

We take direct action, we use the culture, we challenge the perps directly, we make noise, we take pictures and send press releases (rants).

And? That means nothing, lets take the most influential, using that method, the people who for some reason or another vote Democrat and Republican, by August less than 10% were in the swing voter category, nothing could budge the other 90%, now take something as trivial to the masses as literature, and nothing is going to change. It's like talking to the rap world about the immorality of sex and drugs.

Do you think the record companies are going to sink this golden ship?

Do you think the public who loves that lifestyle will?

The ULA is not the first of it's kind, in many art genres, and almost all political movements start with the same goal, to somehow readjust human nature, through impractical means (this is why pure democracy would be a disaster)

If the ULA goes Evangelical Christian then you can appeal to a greater base of NON-Writers. Although they for the most part have no intrest, and once you alienate what people enjoy, just so you can claim their throne, versus creating your space you are bound to fail.

John Kerry is a perfect example of this, trying to play republican lite got him right where he belongs.

Jeff Potter said...

To Anon writing about law, art: What you write is too slow, old and status-quo to bother with. You got some reading and living to do.

Anonymous said...

What I lack is a historical cliche of delusions of grandeur.

-The Unabashed Truth

King said...

But obviously you're very much abashed by what you say. Otherwise you'd give your name.

King said...

p.s. Once you mention protesting something in a public forum like this, the idea of doing it is out, because the aristocrats will have mucho security/police to protect themselves. It's like when I asked questions of Rick Moody at the Philly main library a couple years ago. I'd mentioned maybe doing it on the then-ULA forum we had going on our site. The place was jammed with security, and I was harassed by them afterward. (I was hassled for that matter by both security and police at the recent National Book Awards.) There are always plenty of things to protest-- but word has to get out quietly! (I'm too busy at the end of this month anyway to go up to NYC. But maybe someone else will crash the event; "Swiss Guards" and all.)