Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Narrative

One of the strengths of sports like football is that it borrows the use of narrative from drama and fiction. There's a distinct plot line, an ebb and flow, involving various strong personalities, to the games. Such was the case last night.

I was watching the game at a bar in one part of town, then left to walk to the other side. As I walked through the city I heard shouts from apartment buildings during various dramatic portions of the contest between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. People on the street, or doormen, would tell me the changing score as I passed, so that I sensed the progress of the narrative, though I wasn't watching it, because the entire quiet city was watching it. This must've been a little like how the ancient Athenians treated their great dramas, the whole populace wrapped up in the course of an art's events. In the case of last night, the football game was a kind of civic art.

I arrived back at my place as a collective groan of heartache seemed to emanate from buildings, from all of Philadelphia, as the Eagles lost the game.

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Noah Cicero said...

I watched the game last night in a bar because the game was on Fox and I don't have cable and therefore don't have Fox. So I went to a white trash/DUI bar. A DUI bar is located near poor housing where a lot of the people who live in them got their driver liciences revoked so they have to walk to the bar.
I drank draft beer for 1.50 and felt bloated after. Nobody cared about what team won, some were cheering for the Eagles others for the Patriots but who they cheered for changed every quarter because of the block pool.
The woman next to me at the bar screamed at her boyfriend for an hour straight this phrase, "You knew what time you had to be, you knew what time you had to be there!" They left and there is no sense to doubt he beat her when they got home.
After they left the local mobster came in and screamed about weird shit to another italian for the rest of the game.
There was a hot white trash chick tending the bar, she had a short skirt on with nice legs showing. Everytime she bent over this one guy that worked there would scream something and the guys would look at her ass and the guy would yell at the guy looking, "Dude that ain't right, she's a lady."
Mcnabb threw two interceptions at the end of the game even though he has like the lowest interception rating in NFL history currently which was really demoralizing.
I grew up watching Joe Montana and it seems that Tom Brady has superceded him in greatness. But Tom Brady was a sixth round draft choice and was a total underdog, so I respect that. and Tedy Bruschi, is just fucking good.
There was a lot of happiness in the bar, a lot of laughter and excitement and solidarity. It was totally "civic art" as Wenclas said.