Friday, February 25, 2005

Left Out

Upper-middle to upper-class people (well-educated folks from affluent backgrounds) so dominate North American culture that even the "alternative" media consists almost entirely of them. They appear on Air America and NPR, write for the Nation, Clamor, Progressive, Adbusters, UTNE Reader,, and say many laudatory things about the inequities of this society. The only thing missing from these armies of activists is the working class itself! (Who are too busy working two or three shitty jobs.) The progressives on the other hand are sustained by their arrays of non-profit organizations-- tax shelters for the rich. Isn't there something slightly unseemly in this?


Anonymous said...

Dave Eggers is a po man!

He work many jobs, open many 501-c tax exempt landormats to front for his vicious, plagiarising literary gangs.

they snark ya'lls maybe, but he a po, po man. donate to his chilun's foundations, help the po, po eggers man out, as the columbia mfa program is too strapped for cash to help him out.

Noah Cicero said...

"Who are too busy working two or three shitty jobs.)"

I've noticed that working class people are working at least two jobs, others have one stripping or selling drugs, some have been so deranged and fucked up by lower class living that they are severe drug addicts or drunks, and a good amount do nothing because they have lost all hope because they learn constantly that there is no reason to be motivated because lower class people are shit and they will forever be shit, and if they don't want to be shit then they have to be a toadish ass licker of The Man.
You learn one thing over and over and over again as a person of the lower class in america, that your life means nothing. That all you are is cheap labor, you are a commodity that is expendable. You are a tool, you are less than an animal, you are a cup or a vacuum cleaner, a sprocket, or a turd.
There are writers right here at the ULA site that could sell a shit load more books than Frenzon, Moody and Eggers combined and not a single publisher will take them on. Only because of how they were born, that's all. Because they were born into the lower classes they aren't allowed to write literature. Our voices mean nothing because all we are is cups and milk jugs. and cups and milkjugs can't don't talk.
This is the same as racism, it is sick and disgusting and must be condemned with force.
personally I don't enjoy attacking or getting anger out of the demi-puppets or the MFA superfucks. I hate them, they are in my fucking way! It reminds of when in The Underground Notes the guy is talking about when he would walk down the street and the rich guy would not move for him, because he was from the lower classes and the rich man viewed him as no more than a scrap of litter on the sidewalk.