Monday, November 29, 2004

About the Photos

The behavior of many attendees to the National Book Awards soiree fiasco, avoiding protestors and cameras, was akin to that of criminals.

The affair was so closed (I was quickly ejected from the premises) and secretive, in a secure, well-guarded hotel, that one might easily imagine it to have been the meeting of a great criminal enterprise. In many ways it was.

Questions: Why was no defense given to my Monday Report on the awards? Not one person spoke up. No word from Mr. Augenbraum. Or, as Jeff asks, why have none of the individuals in the photos come forward to say, "That's me!" What are they hiding from? Daylight? Are they vampires?

Have there been write-ups of the closed-door event itself? Mentions of those who were there? Or is that forbidden? Why did NO mainstream media outlets who discussed the controversy over the fiction nominations mention Rick Moody's past abuse of awards processes?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is today's establishment literature. Not an edifying picture.

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