Monday, November 22, 2004

Impatient Overdog

Originally uploaded by King Wenclas.
Dialogue; free speech; contrary opinions-- alien concepts to this guy. When literature is in the hands of aristocrats and bureaucrats instead of idealists it's cause to worry.

Does the woman look familiar?

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Anonymous said...

these guys look like prime hooker bait...ain't there any more pimps around times square to get them some action? has New York changed that much? it's a shame!

Jeff Potter said...

King, I was wondering if we'd see a "Gotcha!" comment about your photos. You're putting yourself on the line here with these Overdogs. You don't know any of them, so you're totally at risk of getting skewered. Someone at any moment can write in, saying "Ha! That's a photo of Blah-Blah who last year published the most relevant and accessible novel we've seen in decades! Gas station attendants everywhere are snapping it up! King, you've been caught! This is a decent, noble publisher who stands against lame fads...he's getting just deserts...and you think you caught him in your net. Well, the joke's on you! Time to recant!"

Yet...all we've had is silence. No one coming forward. C'mon, Overdogs and Demipuppets, the ULA is an easy target! Fire away! Show King how he's so laughingly wrong about his photos. What a set-up. Just slam-dunk him. It's easy! He and we are so wrong, right? The National Book Awards are worthy and distinguished. What fools we are for not respecting our betters! (I want to see a pic of the Bird Hat!)