Tuesday, November 16, 2004


The word I get is that at least one of the nominated novels is "experimental" and execrable-- so bad that even its author doesn't understand why it was nominated.

We have the possibility that poor Mr. Augenbraum has been conned by Mr. Moody, a guy who by his actions (not to mention his writings) seems to hate literature and will do everything he can to bring it down. What could more discredit these awards than nominating five scarcely readable novels that might have been picked out of a hat-- each one by a New York City author? (Friends of friends of his?) It's an in-your-face move. Moody seems to be saying, "I'm an elitist and proud of it"-- proving that he can get away with anything. The idea in this case is that one could present to the bureaucrats at the National Book Foundation deliberate nonsense and they'd accept it. Moody is playing the role of one of the mischievous tailors in "The Emperor's New Clothes."

Has the truth dawned on the literati yet? They've been had.

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