Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Awards for the Birds

I just got back from protesting the National Book Awards in New York-- demonstrating that this blog goes farther than any other in giving you direct reportage of literary fiascos and scandals. Due to miscommunications and short notice I did this protest solo-- but did share info with other protestors who were there, great people from a group attacking the 9-11 report.

As prop I had with me one of Philly's famous "flying bird hats" (M.P. take note); an attention-getter hard to top.

I plan to write by Friday a full report on this event, which you won't want to miss. Among the highlights: being escorted out of the hotel by security; confiscation and dismantling of protest signs by New York City cops; arrogance and panic among the fatcats when confronted with picketing, signs, flyers, camera flashes, and one flying bird hat-- all set amid the riotous spectacle that is the city of New York.

I took a couple dozen photographs, but fear many will be blurred, as most of those great believers in dialogue inhabiting the publishing world were running away when the photos were snapped! I can't wait until they're developed.


J.D. Finch said...
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Jeff Potter said...

Congratulations, Karl, on your Protest!

I'm dismayed and surprised that none of our members and allies in Philly, NYC and nearabouts got themselves to the venue to join you.

I'm not all that of a spontaneous person, but even I came CLOSE to breaking promises, pissing people off and doing a quick strike east. Except I was way up in the northwoods at the time.

C'mon you locals, why no rallying spirit? There shoulda been buzz and powwow naturally occuring. Why put it all on Karl? It wouldna taken much planning---the usual suspects should've been there with bells on. Synergy, baby! Take a few minutes to save Lit. Why let the 9-11ers outdo us? They're small-scope---WW4 is ancillary compared to the ongoing irrelevance of Lit that has us in this mess to begin with. Unmuzzled writers keep us outta crap like this! Picket the lapdogs! (Or go home. Or stay home. On the couch. Like you did.)

Well, just one ULAer alone with a good voice is enough to scare those guys. So we'll see something good come of Karl's nervy solo action.

I like Finch's ULA Awards idea.

King Wenclas said...

Well, the fact is that there was no planning-- I just decided to do it. We hadn't done an "action" in a long time and I thought this would be a good one. Next time (if there is one) there will be advance planning. . . .

Anonymous said...

Dear KK: The Anti- academy applauds your couageous effort. Yes, the bird hat certainly was very useful in diffusing the robot zombie makeshift hollow- men and woe begoten women in uniform, in fact I am working in the basement of Wistar under tight security (so tight the lethal genetically mutated e-boli the drug companies are working on at this Ivy League government fuded research Institute can't even sqeeze through) on a version of the aforementioned hat that features a mechanical cat munching on mechanical yellow canary feathers. I would have certainly accompanied you on your foray to the big rotten apple, but had to prepare for the Poets' Union initial public foray at the TRITONE Bar on South Street the following evening. Its was a resounding populist success with most of the people (actual humans I dare say) swayed and piqued with the side show spectacle and the intense competent political chants of six local underground poets backed by the Hydrogen Jukebox's cool poly free form honky tonk brand of music. There were two beautiful gratifying belly dancers in full regalia..... any way I digress. Let me just let you know that the Poets Union is off and running and as one of their first serious public announcements has unanimously pulled behind you and the ULA in the efforts to expose and take stock(s) of our common enemy. And what ever the effectiveness might or might not be of acts of protest and civil disobedience (here's the trascendentalist connection perhaps )given the magnitude of the zombie juggernaut, yout article that resulted from the attempt and effort is the thing by which to catch the conscience of the King!

The Masked Perfesser (aka FW)