Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Are They Waking Up?

Everyone is now complaining about Mr. Moody-- but where were they four years ago when the ULA first pointed out how corrupt the guy is? The question remains, given his track record, how and why he was named as Chair of the NBF's Fiction Panel in the first place.

This controversy shows that the head-in-the-sands attitude of literary people regarding corruption in their ranks is a failed strategy.

(The best starting point for reading about Moody's past record is the ULA's 2002 Special Report, "Cronyism in the Lit World," down a ways on the News page at the ULA's www.literaryrevolution.com fan site.)

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Anonymous said...

What is this nonsense, "Are They Waking Up?"

Evil Journalista has been lighting Moody in effigy since 1999! Ehhh wait, never mind. Evil Journalista was thinking of Leonid Kuchma. Sometimes, memory is not so good.

Today on Demi-Puppet, Evil Journalista will discuss execution of Iraqi on tv, by Marine. While Evil Journalista takes no joy in offing of unarmed men, Evil Journalista remembers that this is war, and war is hell. Camera has no place on battlefield, for silly civilian to watch, and judge from comfy chair.

Media is too close, in Iraq.

But never mind that now. Evil Journalista must place bid on Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Virgin Mary image, on Ebay. Is waste of money, but Media Attack Artist must do these things, and more.