Friday, November 19, 2004

Book Awards Recap

I've written a report about protesting the National Book Awards, which the ULA's Steve Kostecke has confiscated for a new Monday Report. (Which I hope gets up early.) Please watch for it! I also have a several photos which I hope to have up on the fan site early next week. Don't miss these!

(p.s. "The McSweeney's Saga" will return to its regularly scheduled slot here next week.)

1 comment:

King Wenclas said...

Well, the new Monday Report is now up.
Who wrote that thing?
It makes me appear like a nut!
(Not that I'm not.)
Well, it's always better for a writer seeking the soul of humanity to be out with the people. I haven't been afraid to put myself out there (why I like performing). Over-the-top is okay. Think of Dickens and Dostoevsky! Just another day in the life of the ULA.