Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Fools at USA Today

Re: Harriet Rubin in Monday's Nov. 22 USA Today, "The Forum" section.

When a journalist goes to the trouble of discussing history to make her points, she should at least get her facts straight. Rubin says,

"The Founding Fathers were followed by presidents whom history is hard-pressed to remember. Even his contemporaries asked, 'Who is James Polk?' But one doesn't remember them because they did not lead the nation into ka-booming wars, dramas or revolutions."

Yeah, except that, using a trumped-up incident, in 1845 James Polk led the U.S. into the contentious land-grabbing Mexican-American War. Ka-boom!

Duh! Kind of forgot that, didn't you, Harriet?

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Anonymous said...

Today, Evil Journalista will discuss three matters, on Demi-Puppet:

1) Journalistas never get fact straight. Rumor, innuendo, and personal opinion is enough, for lazy fat illiterate media pig-dog swine. Is good profession! But Media Attack Artist is much better, for job.

2) In Martha Stewart absence, Evil Journalista will give good recipe, for Thanksgiving feast. First, take cherished neighborhood pet. Stuff with anchovie and red onion while still living, in cavity. Hit on head. Repeat. Place in stove at 215 centigrade, for 8 hour. Take out, and eat, or throw on ground alongside groveling bride Svetlana from Russian Bride Agency, while shouting, "What is this slop, i have made, which you dare to serve me? Run to corner store and buy more vodka!"

Ehhh...Evil Journalista was just kidding. Violence to pets and women is no laughing matter. Eh no, it sounds much better in native tongue! Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah!

3) What are you doing, reading such nonsense, while civil unrest is raging, in Ukraine. Evil Journalista voted for Yushchenko, several times in fact. Absentee ballot, does wonders, for democracy!

That politburo puppet Viktor Yanukovych has been declared winner, is nonsense. Evil Journalista does not believe of fraud, in election. Voters were confused! With candidates named Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych, who wouldn't be confused? Is same person!

United States Court will step in, and declare Dubya Bush winner, of Ukraine election. Evil Journalista will deface Kuchma effigy, no matter what happen. Is good, for to drain kidney, on Kuchma.