Monday, May 23, 2005

Another Quote

I noticed this in an article by Terry Teachout in the April '05 Commentary entitled, "Singing the Classical Music Blues."

While reading his piece, I saw parallels to the condition of establishment literature. Teachout quotes critic Joseph Horowitz, who calls the art a "potted hothouse product . . . Sustained by a lifeline to the universities . . . lacking a constituency beyond themselves," and says its proponents have "produced an undistinguished species of hermetic art."

Are Teachout and Horowitz talking about aristocratic music or aristocratic literature?


frantic said...

they are talking about music. you should learn to read more carefully. otherwise you look like an idiot.

King said...

Making an intellectual leap to see that what happened to classical music is happening to literature is beyond your capabilities.

frantic said...

my, your reading comprehension is mighty poor after all. my comment was a case of what experts call "burning your sorry ass."

the points of similarity between classical music and contemporary are, for all practical purposes, nonexistent, beyond the obvious parallel that you have strong opinions yet zero credibility in discussing either of them.