Saturday, May 07, 2005

Shock of the New

There has scarcely been a new phenomenon that transformed the culture which hasn't been relentlessly mocked at the outset. (That Dave Eggers was immediately accepted by the establishment showed he wasn't the genuine article.)

This includes Elvis and the Beatles, the last real wave of transformation.

I've given the example often of Elvis's first appearance on the Tommy Dorsey Show with the other two members of his combo (related in Last Train to Memphis) when they were still unknown in New York. Highly-skilled jazz drummer Buddy Rich looked with contempt at the ill-clad yokels. "These guys can't even play their instruments!" he howled. Yet within two years Dorsey and Rich were swept out of the picture by the tidal wave of rock n' roll-- which reached, better than they, strains of feeling and truth within the American people.


Elvis said...

Um . . . yeah. Except that Elvis was a musical genius--could sing, dance, and was brilliant at arrangement--whereas you and no one in your group is not. It's not that your shock of the new theory is wrong. It's not it doesn't apply to you. More like the Shock of the Awful. The Shit of the Anus. Oh, and comparing the ULA to the arrival fo the Elvis and the Beatles is about 10,000 times more megalomaniacal and shitty than Rick Moody at his not incosiderable worst. Fuck you, King!

King said...

That was quite an intelligent comment. Pretty bothered by us, aren't you?
Try actually reading some of our writers sometime. Unlike standard "lit" writing, the best work of Noah Cicero, James Nowlan, Joe Pachinko and the rest of our gang rocks.
(Beyond your comprehension I guess. Maybe a little too off the deep end, too wild, for the tamed ones. Catch even Frank Walsh's comments on this blog: pure genius-- someone who can use words without being uptight about it.)
Time for you to go back to what you do best, chump: sucking-up.

Orlando Hotpockets said...
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Anonymous, Too said...

Comparing the ULA to Elvis or the Beatles is like comparing a Twinkie to a wedding cake.

Can't you see that your definition of quality writing is so subjective and limited? You say we can't relate to stories about propping beat-up trucks on cinderblocks, or repairing windows with bullet holes because we're too removed from the real, gritty experience of being American.

What a bunch of bullshit. It's been my experience that the people who are so enamored with their gritty lifestyle typically aren't the people who are authentically gritty. You have this romanticized ideal of what it means to be downtrodden and struggling, when in reality, you likely live a self-imposed, carefully controlled meager lifestyle. You choose to live underground, but likely, if the going got too rough, you'd come crawling back over the wrong side of the tracks. You like the aesthetic of the underground, and you think that by merely, and willfully, inhabiting this realm of society, your perspective is automatically elevated and more relevant than anyone else's, in particular the wealthy's and academic's.

Do really think this is what truly defines America? It's just mathematically wrong. There is a whole spectrum of class differences, rich to poor, educated to non-educated, culturally aware to not. The best literature aims to capture this entire spectrum. It doesn't romanticize one over another.

The ULA is exactly analogous to all the white middle America teenagers adopting the hip-hop culture. They pretend to be gangsters to communicate what it's like to be a misunderstood, hormonally-challenged teenager. The difference between these teens and the ULA, however, is that they will outgrow this absurd phase, and someday realize that just being themselves is good enough. ULAers, on the other hand, never outgrew your beliefs that you are outsiders, and have adopted the so-called subculture to feel better about the fact that deep down, you have a hatred of humanity.

And this hatred comes out in the language you choose: the demi-puppets are our enemies and we must destroy them!

You focus on what divides our culture as opposed to what connects us.

It's really very sad, actually. You must live a very tortured life.