Monday, May 23, 2005

A Quote from Dave Marsh

"If I had to choose just one thing to teach denizens of our culture, it would be this: All things change. I'd choose that lesson because as long as we believe in the immutability of our current circumstances, we're trapped by them. In our society, virtually all of us fear change, because stability seems our key to survival, often-- maybe, especially-- when the opposite is true. Not that change isn't dangerous, but the danger certainly can't be lessened by merely standing by, pretending that what's happening is a temporary aberration, illusion, correctable mistake."


the MP said...

Sabbe sankhara anicca'ti
yada pannaya passati
Atha nibbindanti dukkhe...

("All conditioned things are impermanent and subject to change
when one sees this with wisdom, and discernment
one gets disgusted with stress...")


frantic said...

yabba dabba doo

-- FRED FLINTSTONE, back in dinosaur times