Saturday, May 07, 2005

Harper's: Admission of Error?

IT COULD BE that the Wyatt Mason article in the May Harper's is their roundabout way of acknowledging that there IS such a thing as plagiarism. With the example given, it's clear that, by their own standards, they've engaged in it.

IF THIS IS SO, we'll accept their acknowledgement, and count the matter another victory for the Underground Literary Alliance.


Orlando Hotpockets said...

If you ever get to a decent library, find a reference book on psychiatric disorders and look up the term "delusions of reference."

Because you really enjoy reading about yourself, right, King?

King said...

??? Of course. And you don't?
Btw, you and your friends never DID comment on the Harper's article, you know. Still suffering from the embarrassment of it all?
(Don't blame me-- I didn't plagiarize those articles. That was Mr. Bissell. Those who defended him were, well, fools.
Not much else to expect from demi-puppets!)
p.s. Your phone is ringing. Mr. Moody III back at the mansion requests you to scamper over there to wipe his ass.
Afterward he'll pat you on the head.

Orlando Hotpockets said...

Man, you sure do spend a LOT of time thinking about this Rick Moody guy. Who is he? Did he invent the mood ring?

Clearly he is VERY important to you. I guess thinking about his mansion and being forced to wipe his backside is your "thing."

Mine involves two nubile Catholic schoolgirls alone in a sauna. But that is one of our points of difference, it seems.

Beowulf-Poet said...

Wenclas: Missing a Testicle?

IT COULD BE that King Wenclas's fixation on aesthetic "purity" and his dogged adherence to tired, cliched, neo-fascist rhetoric is a result of the tragic accident that occurred years ago when Noah Cicero, then administering the fierce tea-bagging--for which he is legendary in "Underground Literary" circles--that resulted in the loss of Wenclas's testicle.

ARE HIS PATHOLOGICAL POSTS and intemperate rants evidence of damage to his brain tissue or a more sinister psychological impairment brought about by this devastating accident?

Morale of the story: never let a rabid, raping, attack dog near your scrotum, King.