Saturday, May 28, 2005


Media Bistro? Bistro? That about says it all about the hipster-wannabe ass-eating conformism of these people. "Let's all go to the bistro." "I want to go to the bistro." "We'll meet today at the bistro."

What exactly is a bistro? Is that like a saloon or tavern or bar? A coffeeshop? Is it a European-style ultra-trendy place where blank-eyed trendoids hang out?

All I know from looking at the faces on their site is they all look like they've been brainwashed. Proper yuppie faces, eagerly serving the monopolies. No wonder they're afraid of any change.

Yes, I had asked Laurel Touby, founder and all-controlling big at Media Bistro, for a simple correction, but this was beyond her sterling capabilities. Passed my request on within the bureaucracy, where it was lost, apparently. Not very competent people. Not sure I'd hire them for anything.

Maybe they're spending too much time at the bistro.


- Leopold said...

A Bistro in France is where working people can get a cheap lunch.

A Bistro in North America is a trendy 'see and be seen' swankhole where you pay to have all the decimal points removed from the menu and for them to drizzle sauce in an artistic pattern over all the parts of the plate that isn't filled with food (normally 60%). Hell, at the really good ones they'll remove the prices entirely. You're paying for the package, not the quality.

Is the literary equivalent of a 'foodie' a 'readie'?

- Leopold said...

Better yet, how about an 'eggy'

jimmy the hyena said...

Bistro used to mean a place where you could get drunk cheap and fast
(the word bistro is supposed to be from a russian word meaning fast in the dictionary that I have. Here's a quote "les prol├ętaires qui s'empoisonnent chez le bistrot". Basically the equivalent of a Bowery tavern when the Bowery was happening.

frantic said...

to whine about the word "bistro" is pathetic even for you guys, and that is really saying something.