Sunday, May 08, 2005

Reaction Against the ULA

A Note to ULAers.

We've witnessed over the last several weeks waves of corrdinated attacks on the Underground Literary Alliance; through the creation of phony ULA sites, and the mass posting of anonymous comments to this blog. The "demi-puppets" in this instance are advocating and agitating-- working together to make noise; attacking; using what they believe to be ULA tactics.

The goal of our opponents, unlike ours, isn't rebellion, but reaction. They seek not to change an essentially corrupt system which has failed literature. They want to shut down rebellion, close off dissent, and return the lit-world to the placid, dying, unthinking status quo way things were pre-ULA. Through and through, in every fiber of their being, they're reactionaries.

The key difference between the ULA and its reactionary opponents is that from the outset of our campaign we strode forcefully into the lit world, to engage it, under our own identities. To fight for fairness, honesty, truth, and integrity, we needed to be truthful ourselves. Though we were few, without resources, against enormous and well-funded enemies, it was the only way to proceed. Our initial Protest against the Guggenheim, signed with our own names, was our Statement to the lit-world that we were different-- that we had courage, while the posturing icons in high places who should've been cleaning their own house were cowardly and silent.

Just as the Guggenheim is fraudulent, PEN is fraudulent, the NEA is fraudulent, the National Book Awards is fraudulent, AWP is fraudulent; countless other awards, tax shelters, and writers as outlined by us and by others like MobyLives and Foetry are fraudulent; so, also, those who've posted against us anonymously on this blog are frauds. They HAVE to hide their identities and skulk in the shadows under phony names. Phoniness is an intrinsic part of their reality, the core of their beings as writers. Dishonesty tinges, stains, corrupts, rots, ultimately destroys THEIR world of letters, and it stains themselves.

We've called for fairness. Our enemies have shown, despite holding every advantage, that meeting and debating on open and equal terms is a concept beyond their understanding. As they fight for and represent fraudulence and corruption, they only know how to be fraudulent and corrupt.

Are they worth any respect? They don't even respect themselves, as they've shown. They're unable to stand on two legs like human beings and walk out into the open. Instead they crawl and grovel behind masks. As writers groveling is all they've known.

The difference between the ULA and its opponents couldn't be more stark-- the distinction between courage and cowardice; truth or lies. We've opened the windows of the house of letters which some want to nail closed. We've allowed sunlight and fresh air into the rooms, removing the stench of a rotten past; have caused the mice to squeal and sent cockroaches scattering.


King said...

p.s. I invite our opponents to make a new start and post under their true identities.
What a startling, revolutionary change that would be!
Will even one of them accept that challenge?
We'll see.

Orlando Hotpockets said...

Everybody is a fraud but you! My goodness, you really ARE special!

King said...

Well, we at least know that YOU are-- until you come out from hiding.

King said...

p.s. If you spend any more time on this blog, "Orlando," I'm going to start charging you rent!

Orlando Hotpockets said...

You are right to be upset, King. Some of us have been saying true things about ULA. That must be awful!

Don't know what you mean about "hiding," though. Here I am! You can read my poetry at my website! I know it scares you because it is so raw, so true, so real!

Think how sad you will be when, from sheer boredom, I leave. This still amuses me, and it's a way to let off steam as I deal with another matter.

But you have SO LITTLE to say, and you are so bad at hiding how much we are getting under your skin, that soon the tedium of it all will be overwhelming; and then, verily, shall I return to the dark woods, where the lice-infested wolf-pack waits for me.

Trust me, the conversation is much better there.

Jeff Potter said...

I saw a story in the NYT this Sunday about blogs. Some blog-guru says he laughs at the blog hype and that blogs are mostly good for tearing things down, so they'll only have a limited role in media.

He's right in one sense: most bloggers are creeps, as are most people who rely on trendy chitchat. But who cares about most. There are blogs that build good work even as they trash crappy stuff. The public responds to them. Who cares if imitators wreck the rest of the blog scene? Blogs are indeed just one part of the media.

The ULA shows that blogs can be used to promote great writers who had no other way to get their word out. Well, they're one way to promote. The ULA uses every which way---to tear down crap AND build up good work. It's not just one-sided with us. Or with anyone of merit. The ULA is part of a growing network of heroes who use their superpowers for good. It's making the Simon Bar Sinisters bonkers. Their winking snark isn't getting them anywhere. Their frenzy among the 3,000 who "read" the literati's lit-journals is only good for hype. Nothing rises up from it---except a few sharks. So he's right: the literati only have a VERY limited role in media and their blogging doesn't change that. --They are a small demographic that's going to get milked and exploit itself like any other part of death-culture.

But blogs do have life in them. And they are being used for building up. The literati can't stop that, but they sure won't be able to figure it out either. It rolls on without them.

BradyDale said...

So I went and checked Orlando's site. Umm, it's a lot of hooey. I mean, I wanted to see if he had anything interesting to say, but he's obviously trying to do some sort of satire on the ULA. It's sort of clever, I have to give him that, even if it makes very little sense.
I wonder if it's some sort of MFA or performance art project someone is doing?
It's very cute, Orlando. I'll give you that. I liked the "police looke at me funny" line and the "they think they are so smart because they went to community colleges." that was funny - none of it makes any sense, but it's amusing.

Scandalous Dan said...

What bothers you is that it all makes perfect sense to anyone with half a brain. Not sure, though, if it's the truth that is the problem, or the half a brain part.

BradyDale said...

Which part makes sense?
The part about being raised by Timber Wolves?
Or writing in blood on toilet paper?
Or maybe it was the part about devoting pages and pages and pages to the ULA and how nobody cares about them. Right. Obviously, he doesn't care at all.
Actually, the trickiest part, is just what he's criticizing. He doesn't seem to be in love with mainstream literature. Okay. So what does he hate so much about the ULA? That they are getting attention for rebelling against the establishment? What is it?
All the hypocrisy aside, it's pretty hard to figure out what Orlando's gripe is.
That said, I think a big part of his blog is just being funny and poking jabs at the ULA,
which I fully support his right to do and occassionally he's got some good ones in there. So go him.
That said, a lot of times when you're being silly like that it just doesn't make a lot of sense. Which is fine, but it's also worth pointing out.