Friday, July 22, 2005


Legions of Read-Off fanatics are still upset over the controversial outcome of Saturday's event, when poet "The Masked Professor" squeaked out a narrow victory over story writer "The Student"-- despite becoming unraveled in the closing minutes. (The Prof must've spied a coed in the crowd, and became distracted.)

Truthfully, both men were showing the pressure in the final round, as I'm confident upcoming video will bear out. (Pat King is editing it now!) What gave the edge to the Professor was that he ran through the crowd after he read, encouraging much noise, which I took to be applause. I was later informed that much of the reaction was in the form of jeers and boos! Unbelievable. Is there no respect left for academia??

(I've yet to hear from the Student about a rematch.)

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BradyDale said...

The Student has no fear of a rematch, or a match with anyone else for that matter. I'm just an honest little storyteller who's ready to tell them in competition or otherwise.

Awaiting instructions from the ULA high command...