Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Literary Future

The FUTURE of literature in all its bright free energy will be on display this coming Saturday at the Medusa lounge in Philadelphia, 21st at Chestnut, at 5 pm. The difference between ourselves and the mandarins is stark.

There will be a semi-private meeting at a Center City restaurant on Friday, July 15th, from 2:30 to 5 pm. Jack Saunders will be there, to be officially welcomed to Philadelphia by Lawrence Richette, Philly's best novelist. Other participants in The Show will be there as well.

We'll also be meeting someplace early Saturday, a hamburger or pizza place, at about 11 am. The rest of the day until five will be free for flyering (or sightseeing). People will be kept informed of the exact happenings by myself, Pat Simonelli, and J.D. Finch.

Sunday is of course the Philly Zinefest.

Two more Philadelphia performers, Erik Bader and Daniel Bolger, have been added to the show line-up. Both are experienced readers of high repute. We'll see how good they are at the event!

I'm asking performers to dress at least a little like entertainers, keeping in mind that the event might be taped, and at the least there will be many cameras present. Glamor or showmanship won't be out of line.

I also expect the event to be fast-moving. Given the number of readers to get up there and off, it'll have to be. And so, NO INTROS or prefatory remarks about yourselves and your works, how or why it was written the tree outside Muffy the cat sitting on your lap while you composed the thing blah blah blah all that nonsense which drags readings out. The performances/works will have to stand on their own. I'll be doing the introductions-- that will be my only job. Performers can let me know beforehand what they want me to say and I'll consider it.

Get on and off. Just be good when you're at the microphone. That's your moment. This is all we ask.

(There will be NO CharlesBaxtersJoyceCarolOatesBillyCollinsCMichaelCurtisHiramMoodys at this show, thank god. This will not be your ordinary sleepy literary reading. We're from a whole other literary planet.)