Friday, July 15, 2005

ULA Show Diary

I was just at a great meeting at the restaurant Ludwig's Garten, including many who will be at the show. Philadelphia novelist Lawrence Richette was there. We'll be working on promoting him as early as the fall.
Poet Michael Grover read a poem. Pat Simonelli passed around the new Jack Saunders book. Jack was wryly amusing. Devin D'Andrea; Daniel Bolger; the inimitable Frank Walsh; witty Doug Finch, guest Miz Olivia, and through it all, Pat King with his ubiquitous camera. All I know is that, based on the energy seen today, tomorrow's event should be fantastic.

Shawn Terreri
Sarah Scheckter
Devin D'Andrea
Daniel Bolger
George Balgobin
Erik Bader
Natalie Felix
Wred Fright
Ish Klein
Michael D. Grover
Crazy Carl Robinson
Interview of the Two Read-Off Combatants.
Jackie Corley
Read-Off: The Masked Prof versus The Student.
(Short Intermission)
Jack Saunders

Wow! And we hope to get Pat Simonelli to introduce Jack. I'll be there introducing the rest. (We'll decide tomorrow who does the interviews.)

(Anyone who wants to be placed elsewhere than where they're scheduled, let me know.)


King said...

p.s. A few of us will be meeting at Joe's II restaurant at 1709 Chestnut at 11 a.m. tomorrow. We'll go over a few more show details.

Emerson Dameron said...

Best of luck to everyone performing. It should be a fun weekend. I can tell you, from my Philly experience, that Karl takes good care of his guests. Don't leave the afterparty until you've seen Walsh do an impromptu performance for strangers.