Monday, July 04, 2005

ULA Show Diary

Twelve Days and Counting.

Yesterday evening I met several of the July 16th card, including Philly poets Michael Grover and Devin D'Andrea. Also present were both "The Student" and his nemesis "The Masked Professor," both sitting uncomfortably in their chairs trading scowls and insults, regarding each other like hostile prize fighters. I believe "The Student" received a taste of what he'll be in for. One hopes he's not hopping the first train back to Omaha! On the contrary, he left the saloon we were in with an expression of set determination. The Masked One may be underestimating him.

A FURTHER NOTE: All who care about the literary art will want to be at the July 16th show. On display will be the present of the underground-- the future of literature.

Up til now lit commentators have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Will they do so again? Or will they instead see what undergrounders have to offer-- and be part of an exciting event which will long be talked about?

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